Welcome !    
We are a full service high-end jewelry manufacturing Company based in Los Angeles. We have been operating
under Brellion since 1999. Our customer base is among the best jewelers across the nation who are also
capable of manufacturing jewelry . Our goal is to provide top quality manufacturing and diamond supply from
idea to finish. Also to aid jewelery stores to achieve more sales
Among our capabitlies:

  • Making complete jewelry manufacturing from Idea to finish
  • Custom made matching bands ( Handmade or with CAD- CAM )
  • Re-Design old jewelry
  • Replacing missing earrings
  • Engraving  ( Hand or Laser )
  • Resizing Bangles and invisible set rings                                      
  • Invisible set repairs
  • Replacing missing diamonds

Brellion Inc. can help you SAVE YOUR DOGS!
Every jewelry retailer has junkyard dogs in their inventory! WHAT ARE JUNKYARD DOGS?
These are pieces that you have shown to countless customers and yet they refuse to move. We are experts at
these dogs new tricks! Send them to us for a no obligation, free evaluation.
Of course, we can't take Cujo and give you back Lassie, but we can use our expertise to upgrade these junkyard
dogs so they can be adopted.
We can provide redesigning, engraving, melees, microsetting and much much more.
Call us  today to find out how we can help you salvage your investment and save your dogs!

Call David 213-624-9599