121 8MM                  122 8MM                      123 8MM                          124 8MM                    125 8MM                             135 7MM
    126 9MM                       127 9MM                      128 9MM                      129 9MM                         130 9MM                         131 9MM
   133-4 MM                     132-4 MM                 134-4 MM                         136 7MM                      137 7MM                       138 7MM
139_7mm                         140_7mm                 321_8.5mm                   322_8.5mm                        323_8.5mm               324_8.5mm
   221_8.5mm                   222_8.5mm                      223_8.5mm                   224_8.5mm           225_8.5mm                       226_8.5mm
227_8mm                  228_8mm                       229_8mm                      230_8mm                      231_8mm                    232_8mm
   233_7mm                  234_7mm                   235_7mm                      236_7mm                      237_7mm                         238_7mm
   239_7mm                  240_7mm                     326_8mm                        326_8mm                  326_8mm                      326_8mm
   330_7.5mm                      331_7.5mm                   332_7.5mm             333_7.5mm                  334_7.5mm              335_7.5mm
   336_8mm                       337_8mm                        338_9mm                   339_9mm                       340_7.5mm                 325_8mm
    421_8mm                  422_8mm                        423_8mm                         424_8mm                   425_8mm
Handmade Rings 1
Men's and women's handmade gold wedding bands. Iconic designs for the discerning gentlemen and
ladies from boldly creative designs understated. Classic simplicity!
Brellion Inc. brings you the finest selection of handmade gold ring available anywhere. Unique and
unmistakably unparalleled. Everyone will find one that fits his taste and his budget.
Available in 14k, 18k and Platinum. Our rings are custom fit to any size.